My first career was a corporate one, and although I did well by it and probably could have carried on until retirement, it was not for me - it wasn't enough to keep me from hitting the snooze button several times every morning. About 15 years ago a friend suggested I consider a more direct, people-focused helping profession, and after months and months and months of consideration and research, I took a frightening leap and returned to school and "reinvent" myself.  Going back to school in my 40’s was a pretty daunting and exciting experience.  I worked in that new career for several years,  and although I really enjoyed the work, the stress and hours were very intense.  With the encouragement and support of my family, I decided to step back for a bit and take stock. I think I slept for 3 weeks… and after a lot of reflection and tears, I decided it was time for something new.  It was a terrifically difficult decision but one that I am glad I made.  I have since regenerated my wilting garden, fed my family from it, spent more time in nature with my precious "shadow" Boomer (dog) and re-established a healthy routine that feeds my health in every way.  And, in my own unique way, I processed that grief of leaving traditional work with ceremony and ritual.  I feel complete about that journey, and there are no remnants of regret or "what if's" or sadness.

The other piece that was percolating in my life was that of being a ritualist, or celebrant.  I began practicing formal, or conscious ritual, in 1999. I was a single Mom to an incredible 6-year old boy, who had the spirit of 3 children! He taught me the importance of truth, integrity, myth (story) and rituals. And not just the "everyday" rituals of brushing one's teeth and getting to be at a certain time but rather the rituals that created his life story: first day of kindergarten, leaving elementary school for middle school, becoming a young man (puberty marked by an all-night poker game with my husband and his adult friends – where my son cleaned up by the way!), graduation, and so forth. He reminded me that even recipes and perogy bowls had meaning for him… Still today, nearly 20 years after we began his stories and life-cycle celebrations, he reminds me of “the time we went into the forest on Hornby and did that ceremony for his kindergarten.”

Speaking of that bowl, I still use my Grandmother’s robins egg blue bowl for all my baking concoctions and regularly gather my dearest friends for (our version of) formal tea using my Great-Grandma’s tea cups from the Highlands of Scotland. This honours my ancestry and keeps the memories of those incredible women alive for me. These items and rituals I will pass on to my son’s family. And so it goes... my stories.

I find great comfort in knowing that I create my memories through my life of stories, and in this process I create my legacy.



A professional ritual-maker and storyteller. How's that for an awesome gig, right?! I have extensive training and experience in building custom ceremony that tells your story, your way, unique and absolutely unforgettable.

Every moment of life is special; from birth to death. Etch these moments in your heart with a ceremony that tells that sacred and unique story.

Listed on Wedding Wire: https://www.weddingwire.ca/wedding-officiants/laura-bee-ceremonies--e36189

Packages vary depending on your wishes and dreams.  Counselling services provided, if requested, to couples either before, in preparations for, or after the nuptials.

And why not renew those vows - keep them alive and energized?!!  In 10 years, or 20 years, or 1 year!  Laura will help you craft a lovely remembering ceremony, that will nurture the love you already have in your magnificent hearts.



Every single human being possess the capacity for growth and transformation. With an entirely holistic approach and using the Satir Transformation Systemic Therapy model, I guide clients to discover their inner world, inner self – what feelings, expectations, perceptions and yearnings drive them and motivate them.

At the core of each of us is our life energy, that “thing” that connects us all and keeps us alive, no matter what. 

It is my belief that the life energy is the root of our superpowers, just waiting to be honed and honoured and shared.


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